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Spy School

Spy School

Spy School

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Dr Arabella Dangerfield teaches spy craft at the Ministry of War's Espionage Academy. Today is the day you and your team take your final exam as a secret agents. Pass the examination and you will help protect the British Empire from its enemies!


To become one of our Espionage Officers you need to be able to demonstrate your field-craft - the skills that you will need to survive and operate successfully against this country's foes.  We will be testing your ability to use ciphers and codes, probing your observational skills and testing whether you can keep your nerve under pressure!

A fun escape room challenge for families, friends and couples.


And nothing like as scary as our video makes out!

Your tickets to play Espionage- Spy School also give you

free admission to Picton Castle's beautiful grounds and gardens

including the newly-restored Walled Garden,

the stunning Welsh Owl Garden & Zoo, our newly restored maze,  the boardwalk,

adventure playground and cafe during regular daytime opening hours.

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