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Are there any special booking conditions due to the coronavirus or general health issues?

Common sense dictates this if anyone in your party is suffering from an infectious illness you should not visit the escape room. In these circumstance we require proof of illness before issuing a refund or allowing you to rebook for a future date or offering you a voucher.  Refunds or rebooking is always at our discretion.


What is an escape room?

It is a themed room where a group of people work together to find clues, solve puzzles, and race against the clock to escape within sixty minutes.  Good communication, creativity, and speed are keys to success!


How much does it cost?

From £60 for two people (the minimum number who can play) to £114 for six players.

You can see full details by clicking on "Booking" without any obligation to pay.

Do we have to book in advance?

Advanced booking is required to guarantee that an escape room is available to you on your chosen date and time,  However, last minute booking may be available on the day.  For details please phone us on 01994 419723 

Is the escape room door locked?

No – the main door remains unlocked at all times.  You can always leave the game whenever you want to.  In the unlikely event of an emergency all door locks open automatically.

Is the game scary?

We design our rooms to be fun and immersive experiences but they are not intended to be at all scary.


How many people can play?

Our escape room is designed for teams of two to six people. We “lock” your team in a room and the goal of the game is to escape within 60 minutes. This is achieved by completing a series of challenges which allow you to solve a variety of puzzles and eventually obtain the object which allows you to end the game.


Why play The Time Machine and Espionage?

Our games are different, challenging and great fun, perfect for friends, family and work colleagues. We can provide for small and large groups and are more than happy to listen to individual requests and accommodate them where we can.

Is there an age restriction?

While there is no restriction on age the puzzles may be too demanding for those under 10. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult. We do recognise that all children are different so please feel free to ask.

I am claustrophobic - can I still play?

The areas inside the game can seem quite small if the maximum number of players take part so if you do have issues with being enclosed in a relatively small space you may prefer not to take part.


Is there a minimum or maximum team size?

2 as a minimum and 6 as a maximum, however we would recommend teams of 3-6 as these are the optimum numbers for the games and allow everyone to participate.

How much time will we need to play?

Please allow an hour and half. This allows us to brief you, give you an hour in the room and then speak to you afterwards regarding your experience and to take souvenir photos. Do aim to arrive about ten minutes before the booked time for the start of your game.

Is the Mansion of Mystery easily accessible?

Please note that the rooms are located on the first floor of the building accessed via a staircase. 

I would like to play with my colleagues as a team building exercise. Is it possible?

Of course - we will be happy to help.  Please phone or contact us by email for more details.

Is the game suitable for Welsh speakers?

All the visual and written clues provided in the escape rooms are in English.

What should we wear when playing?

No special clothes are required.  Do wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.

Are the games suitable for people with disabilities?

If you are visually impaired you will need sighted team players with you to read clues aloud.  In the Espionage room at least two of the players will need to be sighted.  As well as the clues set in the rooms additional guidance is given on video screens in each of the playing areas.  These extra clues can be also given audibly in English.  Please note the advice given above for wheelchair users.  If you have any issues with disabilities please call us on 01994 419723 or email us at  We will always endeavour to meet your needs if it is at all possible.


How do I get to Seion Chapel? 

Most guests arrive by car or bike. There is a limited bus service to St.Clears from Carmarthen.


The post code is SA33 4JN and located 30 meters from the roundabout past McDonalds


There is ample parking space although you may need to allow a little time to park during the peak summer season or when there are are special events taking place.  

There is a public carpark is St.Clears nearby


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