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Escape Your Fears!!

Me? Take part in an escape room game? Not me - it's far too scary!! That's something we often hear people say when talking about escape rooms. And it is true - there are some establishments that focus on experiences most of us would run a mile to avoid. Search online and you will find there are loads of games that feature haunted houses, lunatic asylums, escaped murderers, zombies and other things that would normally be a part of your most horrible nightmares. Rest assured, the Mansion of Mystery is not like that. Our games aren't in the least bit scary. For a start you are never "locked inside the room". You are welcome to leave at any time (although you won't want to - you will be far too engaged in your game) and the entrance is unlocked throughout your experience. Our aim is to make our escape games challenging and fun at all times so that you go away with a enjoyable experience and not with nightmares. Check out our great five star reviews on-line at TripAdviser and see what our many, many happy "escapees" have to say about us.

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